ormerly a houngan, or voodoo priest, for the Darkspear Tribe of jungle trolls, Vol'Jin became ensnared by the Lich King while attempting to scry the dark tyrant's inner sanctruns. His very soul now bound to the Frozen Throne and the being that commands it, the witchdoctor's black glamour now works to destroy the World Tree and all who would defend it.

Finally, a warcraft 3:Frozen throne, DotA(Defend of the Ancients) character, Vol'Jin, the witchdoctor was finally drawn out by me~ the full character design and everything is from Blizzard's Warcraft 3 (a very special thanks in providing me enough info to draw it out and also the original version of the design). The hero can be summoned from the Scourge tavern in DotA~

Did this within 2 non-stop hours, completed with the colouring while listening to a Techno Dota music called Vi sitter i Ventrilo och spelar DotA. i think it is sang in French.
So........., DotA anyone??? Let's do this! I hear u, man! I feel u, man! Let's get it on!

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